VMS/DMS Smart Display


Adopt high-quality and high-brightness LED, high-efficiency and high-temperature resistant Meanwell power supply, industrial-grade mainboards and components, derating use on parameters, leaving enough margin to ensure long-term stability and reliability.

Adopt an all-weather design and use AkzoNobel's powder coating to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-lasting durability.

For thermal management, we have a complete and comprehensive design: use high-brightness LED, high-efficiency power supplies and low-voltage supply to reduce the heat productivity inside the cabinet; use light-colored cabinets with double-layer design to reduce the solar radiation impact; use an optimized design of fan-forced cooling system to accelerate the heat dissipation inside the cabinet. These comprehensive measures will reduce the temperature rise of the VMS, improve the reliability, and reduce the light decay of the LED.

With N+1 power supply backup. When the power supply fails, the backup power supply will seamlessly take over and notify the control center.

With bi-directional data transmission technology. When the data cable between any two cabinets is disconnected, the data can still remain ongoing transmission and avoid displaying interruption thanks to the bi-directional transmission technology.


Intelligent power distribution function: step-by-step power up, reducing the impact on the power supply lines.

Intelligent full monitoring capability: detect LED failures, monitor door status, power supply, fan, dust filter, internal temperature, ambient temperature, etc., and have a long-term preservation for the log records in the control center database.

Intelligent brightness adjustment function: based on the real-time monitoring of ambient brightness, proceed non-linear automatic dimming control (automatic mode).

Powerful software for traffic information management knows everything about the running status of the VMS. When the display content is updated, the LED is faulty, or the monitoring status is abnormal, it will feed back to the control center and send SMS to the operator, even if the operator is not at the control center, he can also know the running status of VMS in time.

Intelligent alarm function: Users can preset the temperature value for the alarm, brightness down, display off and power off. The VMS will carry out the corresponding actions according to the monitored temperature value.


VMS has surge protection, leakage protection and other safty measures

High temperature protection function: When the VMS temperature exceeds the set value, it will take the corresponding actions of alarm, brightness down, display off or power off, timely proceed the high temperature protection to ensure the safety for the VMS and prevent the occurrence of fire.

Traffic information management software, with login password protection function, unauthorized person can not operate the software and VMS; encrypted communication between the management software and VMS, illegal softwares are forbidden to control the VMS, to ensure the VMS operation of high security and accuracy.