Bulk SMS/WhatsApp

BULK SMS / WhatsApp Messaging Services for Political Parties and Campaigns

Since the use of mobile phones is on the rise, so many political parties are using a direct way to connect with their voters. Through their phones.

Nobody can underestimate the power of mobile phones. One can easily start sending SMS to their target audience before the main political campaign begins.

Win your elections and hearts of your voters with right messages through a medium that doesn't require any kind of internet connection hence, you can also reach to your voters in the remotest parts of your electoral area without any hassle.

Use of Bulk SMS in any kind of campaign is easy and affordable. No one ignores a text message. Send easy reminders, emotional messages, updates, alerts of elections dates, candidate background, voting awareness you name it.

At Total Advertising Solutions, we provide Bulk SMS, Voice SMS, Voice Calls with Caller IDs services for elections campaigns across India.

Bulk SMS is an easy way to reachout to many people at the same time in a very short period of time. Today, many political parties need efficient communication for their campaigns and at Total Advertising Solutions, we provide you with a Bulk SMS service with effective content.

If you're searching for this type of system, then SMS gateway provider is what you are looking for. It's very appropriate and reliable and offers the simplest results you wish.

Getting a reliable SMS service that may enable you to reach your campaign tools and also the audience is the best way of making certain your message is well passed across at less cost. This is often the reason Total Advertising Solutions developed better and innovative ways that just to make it all possible for you to enjoy all that. It's also one way of making sure that you just get the quick results in relaying information. In short, you will be ready to send instant messages to all your appropriate audience.

Electoral bodies also can notice the bulk SMS India mobile to be very reliable particularly when it involves mobilizing people to register or relaying any message. The great factor about the service is that it's straightforward to manage. It ensures that you are ready to get what you need at the best possible time. In short, you will be ready to enjoy the fast-tracked communication system you wish. Reaching out to your fans and audience won't be huge problems if you are using the best communication tool.

Knowing how necessary mobiles are to everyone, you're secured that any message you sent out is well received in time and can also generate you more audiences who will welcome your agenda.

WhatsApp Messaging Services for Electoral Campaigns:

Which app is most used by us for communication? No one needs a second to guess. It’s a WhatsApp.

Created by young developers, this app changed the entire way of communication with its wide range of features such as sending not only text messages but various types of media content by using a simple Internet Connection.

But how can you use WhatsApp for your next electoral campaign?

It's very easy.

Welcome to the world of WhatsApp Marketing.

At Total Advertising Solutions, our team of experts will create a variety of promotional content for your election campaign and send it through your registered WhatsApp account to your target voters. All by following the strict guidelines by Electoral Commission.

People are always seen on WhatsApp. We ensure your content reaches to your target audience in an effective way, without making them uncomfortable.

We can create content like:

  • Promotional Messages
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Voice Notes

And much more.

Contact our team of experts at Total Advertising Solutions to start your Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Campaign for the upcoming elections today!