LED Vans

Get the most out of Bigger TV Screens

Traditional set-up of LED video panels is mounted on a stationary truss and involves building out the LED panels on-the-spot. Mobile LED displays are screens that are already designed out and framed in on a Van.

There are many advantages of mobile LED screens - at LEDWALE, we offer small to large billboard LED screens which gives you a perfect blend of ground level marketing for various purposes.

Here are some major benefits you will get with LEDWALE’ Mobile LED Vans

Ease of Setup/Teardown: At LEDWALE, we provide LED Screens on Van starting from the scale 6X4 to 12X8, thus you can imagine how long it'd take building out and demolishing a large screen. Mobile units take as very little as 20 minutes to line up. Simply one less factor to worry about throughout the crazy time of event setup.

Flexibility: want your screen in multiple locations in one day? No problem, merely drive it there. Got to raise the screen higher? No problem. Built-in hydraulic lifts raise the whole unit with the press of a button.

Footprint: different large systems typically need stabilizing outriggers that may take up a major amount of space. Our Mobile units have a much lower center of gravity and don't need outriggers. This implies larger screens that take up less valuable ground space.

Reliability: Our Mobile Vans are designed and tested in advance. This reduces the possibility of on-site setup problems

Price: simple set-up and tear-down interpret to a lower consumer cost.


LED Vans are largely used for Media and advertising through open moving like in numerous Mobile Vans, completely different spots like public chowks, footpaths so forth to thing dispatch, constrained time propellant, whole development and approaches progress works out.

This dynamic Mobile Van LED video display from LEDwale for outside advertising advancement can offer you more control and adaptability over your fight and build it more affordable to your target markets and amassing of spectators, by having the capability to remain from the social event. It's the most effective choice for Daylight advertising in multiple places

LED Screens that we tend to offer to travel on wonderful review experience and are compelling.