LED Hoardings

LED Hoardings

For today's constantly changing marketing environment, technology is playing an important role. The LED technology is making better display options for marketing messages, entertainment and communicating in an effective way. Total Advertising Solutions is specialized in Smart LED hoarding and display solutions that will create a WOW factor for your brands. Our LED Hoardings are made of high-tech factors with varied permutations & combinations with which we provide totally personalized indoor, semi-outdoor as well as outdoor LED Hoardings throughout India.

We offer end-to-end solutions to our clients giving them ease to use LED Hoardings for their marketing campaigns. Our 360 Degree solution includes content, software, hardware, personalization, installation, and support.

Customized Solutions

According to viewing distance, the pixel pitches are confirmed for LED Hoardings. We provide various pixel pitches depending on our clients' requirements. As per the timely changes, we are flexible in changing the customization of their LED Hoardings.

Futuristic technology based outdoor LED Hoardings are perfectly suitable for a larger audience and open premises. These LED Hoardings are equipped with high brightness and contrast displays. Tough, waterproof & weatherproof, suitable for outdoor promotions.

We have developed LED Hoardings with an innovative way for advertising in spaces, commercial buildings, malls, glass walls, and many more places. These Hoardings are being used for mass advertising purposes. We deal in huge outdoor and indoor LED Hoardings marketing campaigns. These Hoardings could be placed on highways, main roads, crowded roads, grounds, hanged on walls. Make your marketing efforts pay off with these effective LED Hoardings with Total Advertising Solutions.

Why Should You opt for LED Hoardings?

We offer LED Hoardings to clients ranging from various industries and corners of our society right from Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing Companies, Politicians and many more. These LED Hoardings are highly asked for in the market. They are easy to install, operate and maintain make it highly user-friendly products. These hoardings are highly attractive to your clients in several specifications and at a price for you which is quite reasonable. To offer more, we also provide quick installation service of these quality hoardings.

Key Features:

• User-friendly

• Attractive

• Timely installation service

LED Hoarding Display Boards are digital LED scrolling/static types of displays to use in indoor and outdoor promotions. The LED Hoardings are produced to suit your branding needs with brilliant effect, clear font, and multi-line display.

Our vendors and direct clients are asking for these LED Hoardings rather than statically printed hoardings because we all know, a moving picture is always better than a static picture and content. Why go for printed vinyl when you can opt for multi-colored and moving banners for your brands. Our content experts create amazing graphics and copies for your brand's marketing campaign which will catch thousands of eyes in no time.

Who we are?

We tend to provide a client-centric personalized promotion and advertising solutions that are delivered on the parameters of size, shape, design, and colors that have helped continual orders from renowned customers. Our hardcore efforts to serve our clients with effervescent advertising and marketing solutions that are delivered when conducting a deep analysis of the client's strategy, whole profile, competition,and potential target market also permit us to supply optimum solutions to our clients.